Care Instructions / Size Guidelines

Caring for Smocked or Embroidered Clothing

Caring for a smocked garment is probably way easier than you might think!

My smocked rompers and dresses are generally made with either 100% cotton or a cotton/polyester mix - so are completely machine washable. If you happen to own a garment bag, I suggest you pop it in that to be safe. Avoid washing garments with other clothing that has zips or hooks or anything else that could snag the embroidery. 

Dry it on a hanger to avoid peg marks on the shoulders. Easy as that!

 Size Guidelines for the Classic Smocked Dress

Sizes are generous, with the aim they can be worn for 12 months or longer. Heading up a dress size means they will still fit neat and tidy after tying the bow at the back but may be quite long in length, heading back down a dress size probably means it will fit right now, but could end up a bit short in length in six months, although they're large hem means you can lengthen this yourself. Both the 3-6M and 6-12M dresses feature bands with buttons rather than ties so they are less 'fussy' on such wee dots. 

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