All about me - the face behind Thistle & Tig

So you’re looking to buy for a special wee one,

and you’re after a garment that’s classy, yet fun!

You’ve admired the outfits in albums of past,

and you’re keen on the simple styles that last.

I’m inspired by those classic, olden day clothes,

the kind that some folks turn up their nose.

I've therefore modernised patterns a bit,

more ‘everyday wear’, with an elegant fit.


I source my fabric from unique places,

personal stashes, abandoned old cases.

But fun new designs I sometimes buy

from overseas stockists that look worth a try.


Buttons are from a collector’s old jar

(this new age plastic is just not on par).

I’d prefer to find something unusual and rare,

resurrect it, cherish it, give it some flare.


I learnt to sew when I was just a kid.

My mother, my aunt, my nana all did.

And all of them gave this advice to me:

If you’re to sew anything, sew quality!


So I’ve made each garment finished just so,

hand stitching, smocking, all out I will go.

Plus all my garments are lined with care,

Throw in the wash, they’ll withstand the wear.


Hence more than a hobby this passion’s become

now I’ve turned into a ‘stay at home mum’.

I am super excited, my dreams are big.

Welcome to the label: Thistle & Tig.


© Copyright Thistle & Tig
New Zealand